August 4th, 2016
Thank You!
Tonight Washington won and Kansas lost. And all it took was a mere $3 million together with the conspiring liberal media to buy a Congressional seat in the most expensive primary in Kansas history.

This race revealed what these Washington power brokers are all about: corporate cronyism, big money, power, influence and attacking our social conservative values of life and marriage. It is now perfectly clear that the Establishment wing of the Republican party cannot stand conservatives. Instead of declaring war on Hillary Clinton and the Left -- and protecting vulnerable Senate conservatives -- these money class insiders spent millions to attack a conservative family man with four adopted children who simply had the audacity to stand up and demand Republicans to do the things they promised the American people on the campaign trail.

We also learned that one man really can make a difference. If that were not true, why would billionaires and Washington special interests band together to defeat me? I have observed often that I am amazed that a fifth-generation farm kid from the small town of Fowler, Kansas would one day serve in the halls of Congress. It truly has been an honor, and I will continue to work hard to serve the people of the First District until the end of the year.

I want to thank my family who sacrificed so much of their time, and even faced the despicable smears of my opponent, over the past five plus years for me to travel to Washington every week. And I want to thank the Kansans who stood with me in my elections. While we didn't win this one, your prayers and support have meant more than you will ever know.

God bless you and this wonderful nation in which we live. I pray that we will return to the conservative, Christian principles and values on which we were founded.

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. If your intention was to visit my official House of Representatives website, please click here.

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