April 4, 2015
At town halls, Rep. Tim Huelskamp is at home
RUSH CENTER — As the 1998 Honda Accord he’s riding in barrels through west-central Kansas, Rep. Tim Huelskamp tips his head back and tosses in another handful of trail mix.

“You hear from people who are worried, they’re concerned that America’s best days are past them,” Huelskamp says. “They’re not giving up but they look at this country and say it’s a shadow of what it used to be, in their mind.” Read more...

February 26, 2015
New Tea Party Caucus Chairman: DHS Fight Could Break the GOP
The act of listening is one of the safest, most clichéd strategies in Washington. Candidates embark on public relations-friendly “listening tours.” Committee members nod as experts testify. Congressional leaders sit through sessions with frustrated members, rope-a-doping their party’s most spirited lawmakers by responding to tirades with an open ear. Read more...

February 26, 2015
Tim Huelskamp: DHS Funding Fight Is Last Chance to Stop Obama Agenda
Caving in on the immigration and Department of Homeland Security funding issue would finish Republicans' efforts against President Barack Obama's agenda until he leaves office, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, the new chairman of the Tea Party Caucus, says. Read more...

February 21, 2015
Tim Huelskamps Fights for Veterans
Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., said a veteran in his rural district drives 340 miles one-way for cardiology treatment at a VA hospital in Kansas City.

"If the VA choice program can't provide something closer for him, then we need to relook at how we are implementing that," Huelskamp told McDonald at the Feb. 11 hearing. Read more...

January 21, 2015
Huelskamp: GOP Leaders Need To Stop Attacking Conservatives And Start Listening"
Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp is one of the most energetic and principled of the 63 Republican freshman elected in 2010, a class that gave the GOP the majority in the House. In this exclusive video interview, Huelskamp offers encouragement to citizens who are feeling America is on the wrong track with weak congressional leadership. Read more...

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